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Classes and Workshops

I love sharing, I love teaching!

I teach Waacking and Popping classes and workshops, from beginner to advanced, technique, drills, choreography I am here to WOOORRRKKK!

I have had the opportunity to teach at the following

Shockout Arts College (Manchester)

IMD Open Class (London)

Waack Closet Workshop (London)

Studio K (London)

Academie de Danse Suzie Paquette (Montreal)

Breakin' Convention (London)

Centre Hip Hop (Geneva)

Hip Hop Academy (Hamburg)

Dans Camp (Sweden)

Popping Workshop (Dijon)

Vasaros Sokio Maklykla Dance Camp (Lithuania)

PulsationZ (Glasgow)

Juck Workshops (Sweden)

Soul Studios (Hong Kong)

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