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JUCK is movement, JUCK is activism, JUCK is power, JUCK is not oops I did it again, JUCK is dance. JUCK is.


Dressed in tidy school uniforms five dancers are humping with a fierce glance. In JUCK the dancers are showing how to claim space. It’s about the freedom to express oneself, about sexuaity and about widening the perspectives on femininity and gender.


Underneath the proper uniforms there are still space for sexuality, aggressiveness, tenderness and creativity. Through dance, light and sound different stories of womanhood are being told.

The show was developed by Emelie Enlund, Shirley Ubilla, Tarika Wahlberg, Cajsa Godee and Feyona Naluzzi

Geni was part of 2 Juck tours in Sweden in 2016 and 2017 and performed alongside these incredible woment

visit their website by clicking here

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