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We are made up of stories, they teach us about who we are and who we could be but what about the stories that are untold? As women, our presence in narratives have often been reduced to uni-dimensional characters: the virgin, the whore or the witch. What about the female creator, destructor, warrior, queen, fighter, the politically incorrect, challenging, revolutionary, courageous women?! The figures we feel truly represent us have often been modified or erased from of history, science, religion and tales. 

By erasing the stories of these women, we are preventing ourselves from embracing our full potential and may be limiting ourselves when considering what is possible for us.


HANNAH explores these questions and this discussion; it is an homage to all the women who have been erased or who have erased themselves.

Developed during Breakin' Convention: Back to the Lab in London, January 2017

Performed at:

Back To The Lab, London, UK, 2017

Breakin Convention Festival, London, UK, 2017

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