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10min performance 

Propped up on bloc’s as they would be in a museum, the three dancers stand as pieces of art,
elegant, poised, there to be admired, and gradually, using popping technique, morph into
awkward, trembling, deformed versions of themselves. The show explores issues of beauty,
distortion and vulnerability, allowing audiences to witness and live it with the performers.

Created with the support of 100Luxe Festival.

Performed at

100Luxe Festival, Montreal, Canada, December 2017

Woman SRSLY, London, UK, April 2018

V&A Museum October Late with I-D Magazine, London, UK, October 2018

Choreographers and dancers:

Geni Lou

Frederique "Pax" Dumas

Elie-Anne "Rawss" Ross


Robia Milliner

Ffion Campbell-Davies

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