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HANNAH is an homage to all the women who have been erased or who have erased themselves.

Choreographed and performed by:

Geni Lou

Frederique "PAX" Dumas

Developed during Breakin' Convention: Back to the Lab in London, January 2017

Performed at:​

Back To The Lab, London, UK, 2017

Breakin Convention Festival, London, UK, 2017

Solo performance created for LiveVibe: Raw 2018

at The Place

Choreographed and performed by:

Geni Lou

Demo Reel 2018


"Genevieve Lou is a force to be reckoned with. She made herself indispensable when i was organizing Bust A Move (BAM) Dance Festival in Montreal. She was an incredible ally, rigorous worker and ingenious assistant and BAM wouldn't have evolved as much as it did if she hadn't been there. As an artist she is generous, resilient and a seeker of truth making her one of the most brilliant humans I've had the honor to work with."  -Alexandra "Spicey" Landé

The Place

Trainee Producer (Change Makers) (2018)


- Worked to develop and to promote LIVEVIBE and Startin' Point Festival

- Supported the upcoming production. 

-Agreed and drew up project budgets for LIVEVIBE and Startin' Point Festival activities and operate within these budgets, monitor their progress and implement agreed methods of cost control. 

- Oversaw the Place’s marketing activities, implement marketing campaigns for all LIVEVIBE and Startin' Point Festival activities

- Attended performances, showcases, meetings related to LIVEVIBE and Startin' Point Festival

- Administration of accommodation and travel 


- Contributed to project evaluations  

Bboyizm Dance Company

Project & Tour Manager (2012-2015)

- Analyzed the position of the company in the performing arts industry, organized financial data, conducted a market research; provide the company with its business plan and sponsorship proposal

- Advised the CEO on growth strategy, and implementation - Participated in the company’s web platforms development; wrote monthly newsletters, set up social media accounts

- Organized and promoted the company’s workshops in the region of Montreal

- Confirm and oversee logistics during 8 weeks Canadian tour

- Ensured good communication between presenters and company members for shows, workshops and outreach tour activities.

Festival Bust A Move

Assistant Producer (2013-2015)


- Provided organizer with relevant financial data and projections, oversee budget management


- Established, organize and perform tasks leading up to the event


- Advised the organizer for the elaboration of the festival’s logistics


- Researched legal implications in the establishment of a non-for-profit organization


- Oversaw the logistics of the Festival’s events


- Managed and dispatched volunteers working on site  

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