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A.I.M Collective
Producer & Dancer

About A.I.M Collective

A.I.M collective was founded by dancer and choreographer Shawn Aimey. The collective initially came together in 2018 to create a one off showcase performance.

The community's response and interest in the collective, along with dancer's chemistry, generated a desire to take the collective beyond the one performance that originally brought them together.

Popping, and most Hip Hop dance styles are said to be very “male dominated” and although women are part of the participating demographic of hip hop culture (dance) they are only occasionally found at the forefront of their chosen discipline, in the UK and worldwide. We wish to change that!


A.I.M collective, based in East London (Stratford) is focused on nurturing the development and growth of female Poppers who show dedication, interest and great promise. 

Their goals are to create quality work, explore choreographic boundaries and challenge the stereotypes surrounding women within Hip Hop dance styles.


Members: Hazel Culliney, Nicole MacDowell, Kamile Davidonyte, Geni Lou, Angelica Brewster, Yana Karaikoza, Martina Allie, Margaret Moorhead, Victoria Shulungu, Lucia Jamous


- Dancer

- Project Manager

- Fund Raising

- Coordination

- Growth and Strategy

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